Welcome to Operation: Donuts, where our specialty is delicious mini-donuts that are made-to-order and topped with an array of different toppings. We take great pride in making our mini-donuts perfect every single time . Come and experience Operation: Donuts for yourself!


5/5 Stars, I don’t know what’s in these donuts but they are the bomb dot com. Normally not a donut guy but picked some up at First Friday to satisfy a sweet tooth and I was not disappointed! Excited to try this Vegan donut everyone keeps talking about that they have!


I had the pleasure of first encountering Josh and his amazing donuts at the Summerlin Farmer’s market.  His friendly demeanor and customer service was the best. He is by far one of the best donut masters in Las Vegas. I will travel near and far to enjoy his donuts!


When I tell you these are amazing!!!!! I mean it, if I could I would have these everyday! The different flavors are so yummy I can’t decide which one I love most. I’m a huge fan can’t wait until you get a shop I’m there every weekend!